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How We Choose Our Vegan Designers

Hello, all!

This is our first official article about vegan designers! Before getting to it, we’d like to welcome you to our platform and thank you for joining us. The last year has been tedious and adventurous. Liv&Grace is small but mighty. Our team consists of four core people who have continuously put their blood, sweat, and almost tears, into creating this space. We’re eternally grateful for all who were and continue to be involved in the process. But, most of all, we’d like to thank the sustainable brands for their vision and sustainable creations. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.

You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.
– Eliezer Yudkowsky

L&G is a curated European marketplace featuring sustainable and cruelty-free styles from designers across the continent and, in some cases, beyond. The Liv&Grace Vegan Collection aims to bring ethical designers together under one roof. This allows conscious consumers to shop easily without worrying about where your clothing comes from or how your accessories were made. Our mission is to change the world’s fashion while saving animal lives. All life is conscious, and we are all connected.

Liv&Grace Vegan Collection only features vegan fashion

It’s important to note that not all brands featured on our website are vegan designers. A handful of them only has vegan product lines, which we feature. This was a topic of conversation amongst our team. We had discussed whether or not only to feature entirely vegan brands, but then we concluded that progress is what we’re looking for. If a non-vegan ethical designer wants to get their animal-free products out there, we should help them. Granted, we aren’t open to all brands out there. Our evaluation system is somewhat rigorous and requires that brands feature fashionable vegan pieces, and their creations factor in durability and timelessness.

We know that there’s a long way to provide the most sustainable options. Perfect does not happen overnight. It takes time, investment, and most importantly, people like you who are looking to invest in a brighter, kinder, and more advanced future. We must begin somewhere. This is our starting point.

The Liv&Grace Vegan Collection features various designers that differ in their style, material of choice, and or product. However, they all must have certain commonalities and fulfill specific requirements to work with us. Those requirements are as follows:

Brands must…

  • feature vegan designs and product lines
  • source their materials/textiles from known European suppliers
  • produce their goods in Europe – brands that work outside of Europe will be explicitly labeled and vetted to ensure
  • uphold sustainable practices based on European standards

The purpose of this is two-fold. On the one hand, we have an incredible opportunity to show other designers that creating beautiful vegan fashion items is not only possible but lucrative. Secondly, we get to speak directly to you, the consumer and offer you all the valuable brands. You can now sort through various styles and product categories without having to spend hours researching!

Not all vegan designers are created equal

However, we are optimistic that the vegan fashion revolution will continue to influence designers and inspire them to think outside of the box. Many of them will put their creativity to the test and push the bounds of their designs through the endless possibilities of recycled materials. We are sure of it. Ethical, sustainable, vegan fashion is the wave of the future.

We are fully aware that not all of you are vegan. We’re not interested in converting you. However, we are interested in getting you to choose the more sustainable clothing option without sacrificing aesthetics or design. We know that committing to animal-free shopping eliminates the most prevalent textiles used within the industry. Luckily, things are changing. But, we’re not ones to turn a blind eye. We’re working hard to do this right. You won’t find commonly used vegan textiles on this platform, such as pleather, conventional cotton, or synthetic fabrics.

Liv&Grace invests in designers that protect the environment and the people working for them.

Many conventional vegan fashion brands promise sustainability when the materials they use do a significant amount of harm to people and our earth. In other words, a genuinely cruelty-free wardrobe avoids abusing animals, people, and the environment. The good news is a glorious assortment of textiles is available that are genuinely sustainable and cruelty-free. They might not be entirely foolproof, but they are our best option, and in even better news, the technology for these textiles is rapidly evolving. One of our designers is even looking into working with a non-toxic synthetic silk alternative!

Image of various colors of linenTextiles Liv&Grace Recommends

Textiles and fabrics are near and dear to our hearts for obvious reasons. Check out our article about SEAQUAL. Our team and our vegan designers get excited every time they come up. With that being said, we will indeed produce a lot more articles on the subject, but we can give you a bit of insight into our favorite fabrics and what we like to see our designers working with.

Organic Cotton: Uses natural and toxic-free fertilizers. Organic cotton production emits fewer greenhouse gases and overall contamination. Better for farmers and you.

Modal and Lyocell: Modal is the second generation fabric commonly derived from wood pulp. It’s known for its softness. Whereas, Lyocell is now the newest (third-generation) advancement which can also be made from bamboo, apart from wood. Neither are synthetic.

Soysilk: Otherwise known as ‘vegetable cashmere’, is a relatively new fiber made from leftover soybean waste.

Fruit, cork, and vegetable leather: Usually mixed with a synthetic compound and the fruit, bark, or vegetable pulp. It’s important to note that some of these leathers are less toxic than others.

Linen: Natural material made from flax.

Non-chlorinated vinyl (EVA, PEVA, PVA, and PVB): Less toxic and harmful to the environment than conventional vinyl (aka plastic).

Recycled Polyester: Conventional synthetic fabrics are very harmful to the environment. Recycled options take the fabric waste from factories or old used garments from consumers and repurpose them into new textiles.

Vegan designers are far and few. There is still so much to learn!

L&G is still young. Our list of requirements keeps growing, as does our repertoire of featured designers. But, we’re very proud of where we’re starting and what we’ve achieved thus far. We hope you enjoy what we’ve created. Together we can change the world. Money is energy Every time you make a transaction. You choose where you’d like that energy to go. Help us build the future of our dreams, free from exploitation, free from toxicity, just free. We invite you to #shopdifferent.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a bit better, and stay tuned for more articles. We’ll do our best to post as regularly as possible and are looking to cover a wide range of materials. We’re also trying to get as many luxury vegan designers on the platform as possible. We upload product inventory every week. Sign up to our newsletter to learn more about what you can do to help curb climate change or shop more sustainably.