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Cotton | Cupro

What is Cupro? A fabric made from cotton linter, the fluffy fiber around the plant’s seeds. Linter fibers are too small to be spun. They’re usually thrown away during cotton production. Lucikly, Cupro offers a solution.

The cotton linter mixes with ammonium and copper to create a new substance. This substance then mixes with caustic soda which is then put through a spinneret. Thus, a new thread is born. The beauty of this material that it gives new life to what would otherwise be considered waste.

Hardening baths reconstruct the cellulose and remove the new substance’s ammonia, copper, and caustic soda. In some cases, these baths are reused multiple times, making them less wasteful.

Cupro material is breathable and helps regulate body temperature, like cotton. It also drapes elegantly. This is the closest vegan material to silk.

Cupro is in the same family of fabric as Tencel, Rayon, Modal and Lyocell. All natural.