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Plant Pulp | Linen

Linen is one of our all-time favourite materials. Made from the flax plant. This material is durable, eco friendly, and beautiful.

It is one of the oldest, most used, and most beloved textiles globally. Linen has dressed everyone from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich. It is an exceptionally versatile material that requires little water compared to other crops. It can also grow without pesticides.

Bi-products from the flax plant are also used in a wide range of products. Therefore, the plant can be used entirely. The linen fabric production process uses fewer chemicals than others, such as cotton. Most Liv&Grace vegan products use certified European linen. This ensures that the manufacturers comply with strict ethical and environmental regulations at all stages in the process, from flax plant to finished product. This certification also guarantees that the fabric is durable and of good quality. Lastly, linen is natural and, therefore, biodegradable