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Mireia designed these flat sandals thinking of all those women who prefer to wear flats in summer. Their design, original and simple at the same time, makes them a basic for this season.  Mireia is vegan and for this reason, since she created Mireia Playà in 2016, she has made all her designs without using animal materials.        COMPOSITION: Upper: vegan suede in khaki and lime with lizard-effect laminate. 100% Polyester Sole: khaki-coloured vegan suede. 100% PolyesterLining: camel-coloured breathable and antibacterial vegan lining. 40% Viscose, 60%Sole: rubber SIZE OR INSIDE SHOE LENGTH*: 36: 23,8cm37: 24,4cm38: 25,2cm39: 25,8cm40: 26,4cm41: 27,2cm *When a product indicates the length of the sole or the insole in each size, the measurement indicated is the inside length of the shoe. See more information in the size guide HEIGHT HEEL:0,5cm WE DO NOT USE ANIMALS TO MAKE YOU FASHIONABLE. This shoe, like all Mireia Playà brand products, is made with vegan materials, that is to say, that do not come from any animal. We believe in the possibility of making fashionable, quality footwear without having to harm animals, which is why we work with the best suppliers of fabrics and alternative materials to leather. Product was designed in Barcelona and manufactured in the province of Alicante, Spain.

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We care about sustainability and our earth.

We are part of the following projects:

Reef Rehabilitation in the Anambas Area

Reef Rehabilitation in the Bawah Area

Reef Health Monitoring

Turtle Conservation

Mangrove Conservation Programme

Organic Farm Project

Solid Waste Management to Avoid Plastic in the Ocean

Community Based Reforestation

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