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Title: BeltPrat Green Micro 100/40

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Your Stylish and Sustainable Braided Vegan Belt

Elevate your style with Prat Green, the braided men's belt that combines elegance with sustainability.

Elegant Braided Design: Prat Green boasts an elegant braided design with a buckle and a trimmed tip that effortlessly fits through belt loops, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Sustainable Vegan Materials: Crafted from sustainable vegan materials, this belt offers a refined and eco-conscious choice without compromising quality or style.

High-Quality Vegan Leather: The modern finishing in braided vegan leather not only looks great but also provides exceptional durability and a soft, comfortable feel.

Nickel-Free Silver Metal Buckle: The silver metal buckle is nickel-free, ensuring style and comfort without allergenic concerns.

Chromatic Contrast Details: Prat Green features exposed seam edges along the perimeter, creating a subtle chromatic contrast that adds to its visual appeal.

Versatile and Stylish: This belt is versatile, matching well with shoes and other semi-formal accessories. It's perfect for office attire and adds a touch of style to casual outfits.

Available in blue (alternating sky blue and navy), beige, and green, Prat Green is the perfect accessory to enhance your look while making an eco-conscious choice.

Shop online for Prat Green today and experience the perfect blend of style and sustainability.


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