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Title: Seren Grey Micro 36

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Design: Embrace the bold biker style with these mid-calf boots, accented with two buckle-straps and a chunky, lugged sole for a statement look.
Material: Crafted from premium vegan nubuck, these boots offer a sustainable and innovative alternative to traditional materials, with a soft upper that provides a subtle contrast to the robust sole.
Durability: The vegan nubuck is not only lightweight and cruelty-free but also water-resistant, ensuring these boots are practical for all weather conditions.
Adjustability: Tailored for a perfect fit, the adjustable straps and front shoelaces ensure these boots conform comfortably to your calves.
Comfort and Safety: Hypoallergenic and breathable, the antimicrobial material wards off odors, while the moisture-wicking EVA padded footbed prevents blisters, ensuring all-day comfort.
Versatility: These boots are designed to be as suitable for indoor wear as they are for outdoor adventures, balancing modern allure with functional comfort.

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