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Biodegradable, zero-carbon, vegan-made: materials, such as Tencel knit weave uppers, linings, laces, lace tips, padding, tape, and stitching, are sustainably grown from FSC-sourced, certified and controlled wood.

Certified as compostable and biodegradable per Din Certco, Vincotte, US BPI standards, and EN 13432/EN 14995. Apinat outsoles, cardboard toe puffs, counter, insole board (from FSC), wood fibre and natural latex insoles.

Over a year in the making, our LDN Sneakers pioneered solutions to make them fully biodegradable yet stylish. These special shoes boast a low-cut ankle shape and laces that run low--plus they're very comfortable! The Tencel uppers mold around your feet.

LDN are breathable and lightweight to wear.

They’re fully washable by hand or put in a short cool wash with a towel (to protect from the wash drum).
The Tencel and organic cotton mix linings are really soft, you can wear your LDN Sneakers with or without socks.
The linings allow air to circulate around your feet, helping them stay cool.
They are also great at wicking moisture away, keeping them dry and hygenic.
The wood fibre and natural latex insoles laid on the Apinat Bio sneaker outsoles provide cushioning, shock absorption and traction as you walk.

Biodegradable Zero Carbon Vegan
They're not only super sustainable, but super cool to look at and super comfy to wear.

Based on a new WVS sneaker silhouette with a low cut ankle shape and laces that run low down the vamp Tencel knit weave uppers, linings, laces, lace tips, padding, tape and stitching derived from sustainably grown wood sources (FSC), harvested from certified and controlled sources

Apinat Bio outsoles
Compressed cardboard toe puffs, counter and insole board (FSC) Wood fibre and natural latex insoles 

This product is certified carbon-neutral 

Always and forever vegan
Made in Portugal

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We care about sustainability and our earth.

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