Explorer V2 for Men Light Green

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Pioneering Eco-Friendly Design: The Explorer, proudly introduced as the first-ever hemp shoe model by 8000Kicks, is a groundbreaking achievement in sustainable footwear. Crafted with meticulous attention in Portugal, it embodies the ultimate blend of sustainability, durability, and comfort. This sneaker is thoughtfully designed to suit various occasions, befitting both indoor and outdoor settings with its minimalist yet fashionable appearance. Featherlight Comfort: Remarkably lightweight, each sneaker weighs just 240g (0.50lb), ensuring ease and comfort in every step. This ultra-light design significantly enhances the wearability of the shoe, making it ideal for all-day use. Sustainable Hemp Material: Constructed with durable hemp fibers, these sneakers not only exhibit exceptional longevity but also showcase a deep commitment to environmentally friendly practices. The robustness of hemp contributes to the enduring quality of the shoe. Innovative Waterproof Feature: The Explorer boasts a waterproof capability, achieved without the use of PFCs, offering reliable protection against moisture while adhering to eco-conscious standards. Revolutionary Insoles: A unique feature of these sneakers is the world's first hemp insoles, providing unparalleled comfort and a nod to innovative, sustainable material use. Eco-Conscious Soles: The soles are made from Algae Bloom, reflecting 8000Kicks' dedication to utilizing sustainable, environmentally friendly materials. This not only lessens environmental impact but also gives the shoes a distinctive edge in design. Vegan-Friendly Construction: Fully embracing ethical manufacturing, The Explorer is 100% vegan, appealing to consumers who are mindful of animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Adaptable Style: Designed with a versatile aesthetic, these sneakers effortlessly complement a range of outfits and are suitable for a variety of occasions. Risk-Free Shopping Experience: Enjoy the convenience of free EU/US exchanges and returns, offering a worry-free and confident purchasing experience. The Explorer by 8000Kicks sets a new standard in the realm of eco-friendly footwear, providing a stylish, comfortable, and sustainable option for the environmentally conscious consumer.

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Our Impact

We care about sustainability and our earth.

We are part of the following projects:

Reef Rehabilitation in the Anambas Area

Reef Rehabilitation in the Bawah Area

Reef Health Monitoring

Turtle Conservation

Mangrove Conservation Programme

Organic Farm Project

Solid Waste Management to Avoid Plastic in the Ocean

Community Based Reforestation

About 8000Kicks

8000Kicks is a company specializing in sustainable hemp-based products. They offer a range of 100% hemp shoes and accessories, emphasizing environmental responsibility. Their products, including waterproof shoes, backpacks, and other accessories, are designed for durability and comfort. The company is pioneering in the use of industrial hemp, highlighting its strength and eco-friendly properties. Their innovative approach includes hemp insoles and Bloom foam outsoles made from algae, offering a unique combination of sustainability and practicality.