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Sustainable Portuguese Craftsmanship: These sneakers have a unique story - they're crafted in Portugal from discarded German Europcar uniforms and tablecloths. This creative reuse not only reduces waste but also adds a unique narrative to every pair.

Lightweight and Comfortable: Prioritizing comfort, these sneakers are designed to be light on your feet. Their construction ensures they're comfortable enough for all-day wear, making them suitable for a wide range of activities while keeping your feet at ease.

Timeless Design for Longevity: With a focus on longevity, these sneakers feature a timeless design. This aspect ensures they remain a stylish addition to your wardrobe for years, complementing various outfits and trends.

Exclusive Limited Edition: In collaboration with Europcar Germany, this particular colorway is crafted from their worn uniforms, making these sneakers a limited edition. Their exclusive nature adds an element of uniqueness and rarity, appealing to those who value distinctiveness in fashion.

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Our Impact

We care about sustainability and our earth.

We are part of the following projects:

Reef Rehabilitation in the Anambas Area

Reef Rehabilitation in the Bawah Area

Reef Health Monitoring

Turtle Conservation

Mangrove Conservation Programme

Organic Farm Project

Solid Waste Management to Avoid Plastic in the Ocean

Community Based Reforestation

About Vaer

VAER is a brand that we truly believe in. This small company has humble beginnings and yet, we believe that it will go far. The design team at VAER takes unwanted textiles and upcycles them into sneakers. At this company, nothing goes to waste. Waste-free production is the opposite of what fast fashion offers. And yet, it is exactly what we all need. Shop classic sneakers with tablecloth lining. Once you wear VAER’s upcycled sneakers made from textile waste you’ll never look back. This is the future of footwear.