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Supporting Ukrainian Craftsmanship: The introduction of these hemp socks is a proud nod to Ukraine's historical role in the Soviet Union's tradition of using hemp in clothing. Despite the challenges posed by the current conflict, the commitment to manufacturing in Ukraine supports local industry and helps bolster the economy.

Modernized Production for Quality: Recent updates to the machinery in Ukrainian factories have significantly improved the quality of hemp clothing production. This advancement is a key reason for choosing a Ukrainian partner for these hemp socks, ensuring customers receive a product that's both high-quality and sustainable.

Resilient Manufacturing Facilities: The resilience of the Ukrainian people and their industries is highlighted by the factory's preparedness, equipped with generators and bomb shelters to maintain operation even in challenging times. Purchasing these socks contributes to supporting this resilience.

Product Features:

  • Highly Adjustable: These socks are designed to fit comfortably, adapting to various foot sizes for optimal comfort.
  • Breathable Material: Made from hemp, a naturally breathable fabric, these socks ensure comfort and freshness throughout the day.
  • Anti-bacterial Properties: Hemp's natural anti-bacterial qualities make these socks a healthier choice for foot care, reducing odor and maintaining hygiene.

Size Guide:

  • Small: Suitable for women's sizes 6 to 8 (EU 36 to EU 39).
  • Medium: Fits women's sizes 8 to 10 and men's sizes 8 to 10 (EU 40 to EU 43).
  • Large: Designed for men's sizes 11 to 14 (EU 44 to EU 48).

By purchasing these socks, consumers not only receive a product of exceptional quality and comfort but also contribute to supporting the Ukrainian economy and its enduring craftsmanship in these challenging times.


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We care about sustainability and our earth.

We are part of the following projects:

Reef Rehabilitation in the Anambas Area

Reef Rehabilitation in the Bawah Area

Reef Health Monitoring

Turtle Conservation

Mangrove Conservation Programme

Organic Farm Project

Solid Waste Management to Avoid Plastic in the Ocean

Community Based Reforestation

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